MINATOPIA--Niigata City History Museum



Main Building

The design of this building is based on the original specifications of the second Niigata City Hall , erected in 1909.

Former Niigata Customs House

Built in 1869, it is the only surviving Customs House in the 5 ports opened at this time.Designated a National Important Cultural Property.

Former Daishi Bank Sumiyoshi-cho Branch

Built on the site of the original building in Niigata City 's Sumiyoshi-cho in 1927. Retains the characteristic features of banks built during this era. Inside functions as a restaurant.

Exhibition Room

Entrance Fees for the Exhibition Room

Individual Group(over 20)
Adults 300 240
University / High-school Students 200 160
Elementary / Junior-high Students 100 80

※Entrance fees may differ in the case of special exhibitions.

Water creates:

The people of Niigata have shaped their history in the coastal sand dunes and the marshes that line the coast. The history of these geological developments will be introduced.

Water connects:

Niigata is the city where long rivers and the sea meet. We will introduce the role the sea and rivers have played in how people have gathered in Niigata , and how they have shaped the cities development.

Water challenges:

Niigata , in contending with the challenges presented by its' marshes and large rivers, has achieved improvements in lifestyle and manufacture. We will introduce the history of these endeavors what has been learned from them.

Living with water:

Niigata 's history has a deep connection with water. We would like to consider how the people of Niigata live in harmony with water and nature.

Main Building MAP


Activity Space

In the “Experiencing History Space”, you can experience the wisdom and skills of the past by using the tools used by Niigata 's past inhabitants to shape Niigata 's history. You can also enjoy a variety of fun activities and make things. You can find out about Niigata 's history and culture on computers in the “Information Research Space” as well as having the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities in the “Creative Activities Space”

Special Exhibition room

This will host exhibitions on specified themes. It will also have exhibitions displaying valuable cultural assets, and deeply interesting topics besides those on local history and culture.

Museum Library

In this area you can browse through reading material, including locally compiled data about Niigata , and also see audio-visual projections and photographs depicting aspects of the city. In addition, if there are any questions about Niigata 's history, culture, or the exhibitions, please contact the library.


Museum Theater

Here there is a 240-inch screen with seating for 104 people where we will hold screenings about Niigata 's people, history and folklore. The projections will be made with the aid of Computer generated graphics. Also, please enjoy the high-vision quality projections of Niigata 's beautiful scenery and landscapes.

Seminar room

Equipped with various audiovisual equipments, it will also host events, such as museum class, lectures and talks.


Niigata City History Museum
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